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What Top Agents and Casting Directors are saying about XXI CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT

People Store...   Brenda Pauley / Agent
“XXI Century entertainment has proven to be a valuable resource for us when finding new talent. The diversity and variety of talent, and the exceptional quality of the instruction they receive there, has allowed us to pull industry ready talent in to our stable. It is always a pleasure to see the range of talent at XXI Century and we often sign the talent we see there. One of the young girls we discovered at XXI Century recently completed filming a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns. We always look forward to the weekend."


The People Store...   Jessy Alfonso / Film/TV Agent
"XXI Century is an excellent place to begin your acting career. They can point you in the right direction in this industry."


Casting Director, Rhavynn Drummer... Tyler Perry Studios
“It has been a privilege to work with XXI Century! I had the pleasure of casting Devion Harris in not one, but two projects after I saw him at a XXI Century talent showcase, as well as many other talented people over the years. Jordan Carter, another XXI Century talent discovery, has a heavy recurring role on one of our TV shows. I’m always looking for undiscovered talent within the southeast and XXI Century has been a GREAT tool in in my search!”


J Pervis Talent Agency...  Joy Pervis / Co-Owner/Broadcast & Theatrical Agent
“I love the fact that everyone at the XXI Century showcase has current headshots that are very beautiful and marketable. I am especially impressed with the talent of how natural the monologue performances are. It is so apparent that XXI Century works hard to train the participants. XXI Century has become a valuable resource for me for scouting quality new talent!" 


J Pervis Talent Agency...   Jaime Pervis  / Co-Owner/Broadcast & Theatrical Agent
“I have been attending the XXI Century Showcase for numerous years and am always impressed after every showcase. Each showcase gets better and better! Kim & Daisy take a personal interest in everyone of the performers and work to get every performer to their highest potential. I am always eager to offer representation to XXI Century performers as many have come to be my top talent!"


Houghton Talent....   Gail C. Houghton / President & Owner
“Chase Paris, who heads up our film & television division, and I never miss a chance to scout talent at the XXI Century Showcase. Kim and Daisy keep a very professional yet charming approach that is evident in each actor's performance. I always seem to notice a few talent that simply shine and the ones we sign have come to be consistent and dependable bookers. XXI Century is a valuable resource for finding quality talent for our agency, Houghton Talent, Inc., Atlanta; celebrating 25 years."

"I've been attending XXI Century's showcases for 5 years. They work extremely hard to get talented kids and adults to participate.They are a well organized group. I can always find talent at XXI Century."


Monarch Talent...   Jeanette Cruz / Agent
"Kim and Daisy rock! The time and effort they put in to grooming the talent for us is amazing! I definitely look forward to their talent showcases and their new facility gets ★★★★★ ."


BMG Model & Talent (formerly Babes N Beaus Model/Talent Agency)...   Linda Rutledge / Director
“We have found some of the most incredible talent at XXI Century events. I always look forward to attending the events. They're fantastic!" 


Avery Sisters Entertainment...   Gerra Avery / Co-Owner
“I have been attending XXI Century Showcases for quite sometime now. The showcases are always professional, organized and very entertaining! I have gotten good talent from XXI Century Showcases. They are a great help in finding quality talent for my agency. Kim and Daisy are wonderful people who obviously care about the actors as individuals. All of the actors that I have signed through these showcases still deeply respect them." 


B & B Model & Talent, LLC...    Bentley Christopher   /  Owner/President
“XXI Century is a one of kind event where new talent has the rare opportunity to showcase their talents for agents, locally and all over the country and casting directors! No where else in Atlanta can new talent showcase their potential for these industry professionals on a consistent basis like XXI Century provides for them." 


Kim Dawson Agency...   Melissa McQueen / Adult Broadcast Agent
"I had a very positive experience participating in my first XXI Century Entertainment Showcase (March 2011) in Austin, TX. Kim and Daisy were lovely to work with, and the event was very well organized. Each and every talent was professional and well prepared. I look forward to my next invitation to participate!"


Abrams Artists Agency...    Jeremy Apody / Youth Commercial Division
"Throughout the years of attending XXI Century Showcases, I've discovered many fantastic new talent that have gone on to successfully book jobs in Los Angeles."


Clear Talent...    Philip Marcus / Young Peoples Dept.
“This business can offer unlimited opportunities for those who are prepared, dedicated, creative, imaginative, and most of all realistic about both themselves, as well as the industry. It is very important for an actor to know who they are and what they are truly capable of, and embrace those qualities that make them special. As a Talent Agent, part of my job is to scout and discover new up and coming performers and attending the XXI Century showcases helps me achieve my goals. I always find a diamond in the rough and look forward to their next event."


Abrams Artists Agency...    Fatmata Kamara  /  Youth Department
“I've been attending XXI Century showcases for almost three years and have found many great actors. Kim has a great eye for talent and brings great kids and adults to the stage, making my job so much easier. Kim organizes the showcases and puts on a great show!" 


Lang Talent...    DeLang King / President / Owner
“I have been going to Kim's show cases for many years and she always astounds me with the quality of talent she has present. Her enthusiasm and love for the actors she has at the showcase, shows in how well prepared they are.” 


Patrick Management...    Lee Patrick / Commercial & Theatrical Agent
" Kim and Daisy have an amazing eye for new talent. They put so much of themselves into XXI. We scout for new talent all over the globe- and their event is always a standout. The talent is consistent and ready to work in our market. The event is positive, informative and beneficial to all the participants."

LA Models...   Dana Kazanteno / Children & Youth Dept.“I have been scouting new talent from XXI Century Ent. for about 7 years. I am always impressed with the kids’ training and level of professionalism. Also, the kids’ parents are committed to supporting their children in their entertainment endeavors which is extremely important in this business! Kim cherry picks the very best raw talent to showcase. Thank you, Kim!"

Amsel Eisenstadt Frazier & Hinojosa, Inc...    Milton Perea / Youth & Young Adults Agent
“I have been coming to XXI Century for several years and have found some amazing, young, talented individuals. Many of them can now be seen on hit television shows, features and commercials. Overall, Kim and Daisy understand the concept of running a talent showcase by bringing in top industry professionals to a smaller selective venue.” 


Savage Agency...    Stella Alex  /  Co-Owner
“The Savage Agency has been attending XXI Century showcases for quite a few years now. It is a pleasure to participate in an event that is run with such enthusiasm, organization and most importantly, such caring for everyone attending and performing. Kim Perez is absolutely amazing." 

ENVY Model & Talent...   Daniel Mahan  /  President / Owner
“It is very important as an agency to work with established and ethical talent scouting network functions that are professional and showcase excellent talent for us agents to scout. All the years ENVY has been scouting at XXI Century events, has proven to be just that, great talent, that are ready to be submitted for major film and television projects. Cheers to the past and to all the future upcoming events and to the success of all involved!"

Alexander's Talent Management...   Carla Alexander  /  President/Owner
“Out of the 25 years I have been in this business, for at least 15 of those 25 years I have known Kim Perez from XXI Century. From the showcases, I have signed some my best actors such as Imani Hakim from 'Everybody Hates Chris', Taylor Atelian from 'According To Jim', Giovanne Samuels from 'All that' and Kimberly McConnell from features & T.V. Kim Perez and company really knows talent. Therefore, I never turn down any chance to see the talented people (actors dancer,singers) at their showcases." 

Image Model Talent Agency, LLC...   Tamara Robertson  /  President/Owner
“I have known Kim Perez for almost two decades. Her development of XXI Century entertainmet with Daisy’s collaboration is a fresh take on talent scouting. The talent we have found through the showcases have become been long term talent with our company. I Always look forward to the next showcase and new faces to be discovered!" 


JLA Talent...   Kendall Park  /  Agent/Owner
“To Kim & all the Associates of XXI Century Entertainment, I wanted to to say thank you again for allowing me to be part of your event. I've been to many scouting events over the years but none like that of XXI Century Entertainment. The caliber of training & professionalism of your actors are a direct reflection of your staff. I was able to sign actors from your event that have already booked National Commercials for me. Again thank you, I look forward to future XXI Century events." 


The Atherton Group...   Emily Peresta / Commercial/Theatrical agent
“This was my first time attending the XXI Century showcase, and I was thoroughly impressed. We found some VERY talented young actors. I will definitely be attending in the future. The showcase was very professionally done and the actors really brought their best to the table. One of the nicest showcases I’ve been to. Thanks again and I look forward to the next one!" 


The House of Representatives....   Denny Sevier / Co-owner/President
“XXI is an amazing showcase for actors. It is an excellent opportunity to be seen by many of the industry heavyweights for acting, modeling and commercials. Kim Perez has done a wonderful job. Don't miss this chance!" 

The ESI Network....   Vic Vaswani / Manager"The XXI Century showcase is a fantastic forum where industry professionals can interface with up and coming talent. One of our clients that we discovered at a XXI Century showcase has already gone on to book a couple of projects within a matter of months. The event itself is brilliantly organized and well put together. It is evident that Kim and Daisy have a great eye for talent and a real passion for what they do."

Beal Talent & Associates....   Debbie Palmer Beal / Talent Agent"I have attended XXI Century Showcases for over 10 years and I have always been impressed that the talent are well prepared and ready for the Los Angeles market. Training and preparation are important in starting out in this industry and XXI Century provides this to their talent."

GEL Entertainment...    Omar Mayet / Manager / President "GEL Entertainment has been attending XXI Century Showcases for a few years and found that Kim Perez has absolutely exquisite taste!! We are always impressed with the level of talent we find that Kim and her associates develop and groom with such good care. We always seem to find some amazing and talented individuals!!"

Rosario and Walsh Management...   David Rosario / President / Manager
"What I love most about what I do is scouting potential talent. My niche has been Australian talent but now we are diversifying our talent pool. I was very impressed with how XXI Century showcases their talent and truly prepares them. I look forward to being involved in the next Showcase. Kim you have a great eye for talent. Thank you for making it a worth while event. See you soon!"


The Corsa Agency...   Thomas Richards / Agent
"I appreciate the opportunity to have talent brought to us in a more convenient personable venue. It is time consuming to meet with potential clients during our business hours instead Kim makes it fun and convenient for us!"

CR Kids Talent...   Cyndee Romley / Owner“I have been attending XXI Century showcases for several years. I am always very impressed with the level of talent I see at their events. They provide excellent training and a great platform for displaying your talents. I have signed new talent from these events, that are currently working! Congratulations Kim!”

Acclaim Talent....   Michael Bonnee / Managing Director
““Acclaim is very picky about what showcases we participate in, but without a doubt XXI Century entertainment is one we don't every miss. My experience was great. It was run very professionally, I saw a lot of hard-working, dedicated, prepared talent, and look forward to adding some great young talent to our roster. Most of all, I was impressed with the depth of talent - everybody did such a great job - it was obvious that Daisy and Kim worked very hard to make sure each participant was prepared and gave their best performance. I will definitely be back!"


K Hall Agency....   Romie Szal / Agent
"The showcases are always are a valued learning experience and I am charged with the energy I am given from them and I am thankful!  We at the K Hall Agency in Austin Texas are always motivated to assist in participating in activities that aid new Talent in pursuing their dreams in this Industry.  XXI has dedicated enthusiasm with this same mindset for Talent that cannot be duplicated!"

Moxi Talent Agency....   Joseph Chavez / Agent / Lifestyle & Broadcast Dept.
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend XXI CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT to any young talent that is interested in enhancing their acting career.It is very important to remember that the building blocks of a great career in entertainment take a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication, and the utmost in professionalism. XXI CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT definitely delivers when it comes to developing the foundation needed for such an exciting career path.
Thank you again and I look forward to working with the STARS of TOMORROW very soon."


Collier Talent...    Laura Maxwell-Scott / Agent / Young Talent Dept.
"I recently attended my first XXI Century Showcase. The showcase was well run and I was impressed with the age appropriate monologue selection for young talent! It was a good opportunity for me to meet young talent that I might not know otherwise."

PhotoGenics Media...    James Charles / Agent
"I have been attending the XXI Century Entertainment showcases for many years. It’s always an honor to be invited to a showcase as XXI Century Entertainment really does believe in Quality over Quantity. I have attended many events where I don’t get the chance to see the model/talent real abilities and that is not the case with Kim’s event. Not to mention I have personally noticed that they really care about the people they take on and help the models/talent every step of the way and not just after the showcase but, for years to come.


Entourage Model and Talent Agency...   Cindy Twedt / Owner President
"March 6th, 2011 was my first time to attend the XXI Century Entertainment Talent Showcase. I was thrilled to see such fine, talented individuals, performing on stage doing their individually prepared monologues, and also showcasing their special talents and God-given gifts in singing and playing musical instruments. Not only was I entertained, but I selected many of these bright shining stars to sign contracts and become a part of the wonderful E.M.T.A. Entourage Model & Talent Agency "family". I will definitely attend Talent Showcases in the future that are hosted by XXI Century Entertainment, because I know for a fact (!) that I will get a high caliber of Talent to select from, who have been pre-screened, and groomed by such a professional, elite Company - XXI Century Entertainment! Thank you for blessing me with such wonderful Talent from your Showcase!”

Condra Artista...   Linda Alkazar / Owner
"We enjoy attending XXI Century showcases. The event is organized and talent is prepared. We have signed several good talent from XXI Century."

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