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From The President..

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From Kim Perez,

Founder & President

XXI Century Entertainment, Inc.


Growing up in Atlanta as a teenager, I always dreamed of moving to Hollywood and breaking into the entertainment industry.  Not knowing exactly how to achieve this, I decided to try out as an NFL Cheerleader.  At eighteen, I became a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons and began pursuing opportunities in the entertainment industry locally.  After enduring several years of "the run around" and spending thousands on classes, photo shoots, and programs that didn’t advance my career; I finally signed with a talent agent and began working as a model, actress, spokesmodel, and dancer.


After gaining some experience in Atlanta, I believed I was ready for Hollywood.  So, I left my hometown to chase my Hollywood dream, only to return four months later.  My brief stint in Hollywood taught me that breaking into that market was far more challenging than I had anticipated. It seemed impossible to succeed without inside connections.  Returning to Atlanta,

I founded KT Enterprises.  With many friends who were models or dancers, I started booking fashion shows, dancers, celebrity imitators, and events throughout the Southeast.


Eventually, I became an agent, experiencing the business side of the industry.  Several years later,

I was offered a position as the Director of an entertainment company in San Diego, placing me close to Hollywood once again.  During my seven years there, I learned the ins and outs of the business.  I encountered countless aspiring entertainers who lacked the knowledge of how to break into the industry.  This inspired me to create a company that could develop and connect aspiring entertainers with reputable talent agents and managers.  Thus, XXI Century Entertainment, Inc. was born.


The mission of XXI Century Entertainment is to help aspiring actors and models become professionals in the industry.  My goal has always been to operate with integrity and honesty, virtues often missing in this field.  Despite not being in a financial position to start a business, I stepped out on faith, using several credit cards and an income tax return to launch XXI Century Entertainment.  

I was fortunate to have a few loyal friends who left their jobs to join me.  Through hard work and perseverance, XXI Century Entertainment became a huge success.  Despite the challenges and trial and error along the way, our acting development and talent showcases have launched thousands of careers in Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, and Hollywood.


Many talented individuals have secured series regular roles on major network shows, feature films, national commercials, music videos, and print campaigns through our efforts.  Our reputation quickly spread, allowing us to collaborate with some of the top agents and managers in the industry.

We have now been in business for over 25 years and are proud members of the Better Business Bureau with an “A+” rating! XXI Century Entertainment stands out from other talent scouting companies due to the exclusivity of our showcases. We feature 75 to 125 aspiring actors at our events, focusing on quality over quantity. This approach ensures that each talent receives personalized attention and guidance from our staff, acting coaches, agents, managers, and casting directors.


Unlike most talent scouting companies that accept hundreds of participants, we believe in a more intimate and focused setting. Over the years, we’ve interviewed many talented individuals who attended larger events and found they often received little to no response or personal attention. Many people have untapped potential that, with the right guidance and connections, can lead to legitimate talent representation and a prosperous career.


XXI Century Entertainment has been a lifelong journey for me. I’ve experienced both sides of the entertainment industry as talent, agent, and talent scout. Creating this company was part of my destiny. My personal experiences and learning from my own mistakes led me to realize my purpose: to help others achieve their dreams. It has taken 25 years to gain the knowledge and industry contacts needed to design a program that helps people successfully launch acting careers and properly equip them for the industry.


XXI Century Entertainment operates with Christian principles, but we do not discriminate regarding employees or the talent that participate in our showcases. Our evaluation of new talent is based solely on their ability, personality, sincere desire, and parental cooperation. To those at the beginning of pursuing your dream, I encourage you to hone your craft and persevere! This is a tough business, filled with both exciting and discouraging times. Believing in yourself and maintaining a positive attitude is everything.


God bless your endeavors!



Instagram: xxicenturyentertainment

Facebook: XXI Century Entertainment, Inc.

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